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Community support

The Tribe team provides a best effort support to the community. Look at the documentation section of the web site and don't hesitate to participate in the translation effort. Tribe is an open source project and welcomes external contributions. Please read the Tribe Developper's Guide and join us!

Basically, any feature you need but you do not find implemented in Tribe may become a contribution topic. Simply send your ideas, documents and developments (if any) to the mailing list. You may also wish to get involved in an already undertaken work. The list of hot topics is available at the Tribe ObjectWeb Forge site. Please use also the SourceForge tools for feature requests and bug reports/fixes.

Mailing Lists

Two public mailing lists are currently available for Tribe. Both lists are archived for public review and you are encouraged to subscribe to the user mailing list from the ObjectWeb mailing list tool page.

  • is the user mailing list. It is the source to get the latest information about Tribe, send your feedback and get support from the Tribe community.

  • is a developper mailing list that reports every commit in the Tribe CVS repository.

Feedback is crucial to improve Tribe. Please send us your comments or any other form of input to:

Reporting a Bug

The ObjectWeb Forge Tribe project page provides support for bug tracking. Please include the following information when reporting a bug (when applicable):

  • The Tribe version you are using.

  • The exact Tribe configuration or components your are using.

  • JDK vendor and version (example: Sun JDK 1.3.1_06).

  • OS vendor and version (examples: Linux 2.4.19 or Windows XP). If you use different operating systems for clients, controllers and backends, give the appropriate information.

  • Detailed error description with possibly the exception stack trace or a logging trace with debugging enabled.

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