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Current release: 0.3 .
Development version: CVS.

Latest news

Tuesday, 19 May 2005 : Tribe 0.3 released
Major bug fixes in JGroups GMS wrapper and improved message serialization.

Tuesday, 8 February 2005 : Tribe 0.2 released
Tribe web site has been launched and the first release is available for download.


Tribe is a Java-based group communication library. It is based on reliable point-to-point FIFO communication channels (basically TCP) and targets high performance cluster environments. Unlike JGroups, Tribe only targets reliable multicast (no probabilistic delivery) and is optimized for cluster communications.

To download Tribe binary or source distributions, use the link on the left banner.

Getting Involved

Tribe, as an open source project, welcomes external contributions in any form:

  • help other users on the mailing list,
  • feedback on use cases,
  • bug reports,
  • patches,
  • examples,
  • documentation,
  • translations,
  • ...

Post on the Tribe mailing list and join us!

Don't hesitate to use our Forge site and see also the developers' corner pages.

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